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                                               Success Stories 

Money Miracle (after one session)

Last night, I wrote my intentions as he requested, knowing that anything can happen after one of his Infinity Healing sessions.An intention, I thought was "too lofty" was to manifest $5000 by the end of January (it's already the 24th), but, I manifested $5,214 in commitments for my services today! Thank you so much, Tarek, for giving me such a great reference for what we can accomplish when we work together for our highest good!!! ~ 

Jill Borsos        Life coach         United States

I started listening to Tarek's Money Magnet audio Program and during that same week I was expecting a cheque for $500. I received the cheque but there was an extra zero at the end of the $500! I received $5,000! definitely feel that the program helped me receive money. 

S.M.      Canada

Using Tarek Bibi's Client Magnet has just given me the bussiest and most profitable weeks of 2012! What is also great is the way I feel about it! I had lost my enthusiasm for my business and was just about breaking even. My Mojo had gone. It felt like for good, no matter what I tried. Now I'm making good money again. I'm happy , and my customers are happy too. The work keeps coming in. I have valuable insights into what's been holding me back. I have excellent ideas to grow my business. I am a 100% certain this would not have happened without Tarek's Client Magnet - it is that good. Life feels good again. Thank you Tarek

Blair                  United Kingdom


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