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"My session with Tarek was transformational beyond my expectation. I became aware of Tarek's work when I heard him speak on a web based tele summit. I immediately connected to his work and KNEW he would be able to assist me in healing my inner child. 

My inner child was completely trusting Tarek and his Infinity healing process. The healing of my inner child was mostly unsuccessful with other healers in the past and I feel this was due to multiple factors with my inner child trusting the healer, and the healing process that did not remove the resistance and control to the healing which Infinity healing does easily.

I KNEW this infinity session was successful as I felt the release, forgiveness, love and peace I had never experienced before with other inner child healing. The energy continued for the rest of the day and evening. The feeling that my inner child is now feeling after the healing with Tarek is what I knew was possible at a deep level.
 With immense gratitude to Tarek, one of my soul brother for following his spirit in bringing his gifts of magical healing to us."
Blessing to you brother,

"I was so excited to learn Infinity Healing from Tarek, and I was not disappointed! He lovingly shares his words of wisdom, gives you a script to practice with and spends time answering your questions with pure tenderness. I would recommend this course because I came away with a knowledge that I have his support and an amazing system to work with on clients all over the world."
Amanda Brooks, UK

"I had a very serious trauma a couple years ago that I have not been able to find any relief from at all, no matter what I do. For the first time,
 I was/am able to feel a sense of joy and happiness about my life again. I was completely blocked from that feeling no matter what. I still have work
 to do but its a dark layer that's been lifted:)! I have been listening to tele-seminar for years (like a lot) and have bought packages but haven't felt
 anything significant from anything before this, even though I am extremely sensitive to energies/an empath. I have since bought your package A and look
 forward to the rest.."

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