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Need Help?
Find out which program is perfect for you!

A Discovery Session is a personal Skype or phone call with one of Tarek’s customer service agents in order to best understand where you should start on your healing journey with Tarek’s programs.
This is your ideal place to get acquainted with the programs in full detail and get started right away.
In addition, a Discovery Session booking is reserved for serious program inquiries only.
Send a direct email to our team,
and we will set up an appointment with you
at your earliest convenience.




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Your emails are important to us and we ask you to please be patient if we don’t reply immediately.

Get in Touch

by filling out the information below

One of my caring Team members will be happy to contact you to set up a time to chat and see if we can help!

We want you to know we receive a lot of emails daily,
we read each email personally
and we have great respect and want to serve you the best we can.

Hours of Operation

Tarek’s office team are available Monday to Friday between 11:00 am – 4:00 pm Eastern time.

Thank you,
Team Tarek Bibi

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    We respect your email privacy and want to serve you the best we can.

    Tarek Bliss Bibi has changed the lives of over 100,000 people worldwide.

    He works with business women and individuals on the spiritual path to help them Thrive Doing What They Love!

    Through his revolutionary Infinity Healing modality and the producer of the evolutionary Blissful abundance show. He is able to help his clients achieve and manifest their hearts desires with infinite ease and grace even if they have not been able to achieve their results elsewhere.

    Tarek Bibi, aka. Mr. Miraculous, a facilitator of inner transformation helps you transcend your emotional and psychological blocks at their core level to Live your Life Miraculously!

    Many of our blocks stem from childhood experiences and now they are manifesting in our relationships, businesses and health. He has been labeled an empath, indigo, a star seed, an earth angel, and a light worker.

    He earns the name Mr. Miraculous because of the breakthroughs he has assisted his clients in achieving.

    All sessions can be done through Skype or the phone.
    Works just as effectively as an in person session!

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    The office is closed on weekends and if you are writing on the weekend, we wish you a wonderful, miraculous one!