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Why do I do what I do? What’s my story?

A defining moment in my life was when I was a child. I lived in constant fear knowing that at any second those around me could snap and take it out on me.
I remember constantly feeling humiliated – verbally,emotionally and psychologically abused.

I was told how worthless I am, that I am stupid and will always be a failure.

When I was 24 years of age, I felt it was time for me to forgive my enemies for all the abuse and trauma I experienced as a child.
To finally let go of the pain, anger, the blame that came with being a victim.

Out of all of this came my big spiritual awakening that shifted my whole entire reality! These are the steps I took to change my situation…
I emailed those who hurt me and confronted them for the first time in my life.
I connected to my heart and I allowed myself to express what needed to be expressed.
I told them regardless of all that I have experienced, I forgive you for it.
This helped me shatter the belief I had that they did not love me and helped me believe that I am capable of being loved.

I quit smoking, drinking, and doing drugs. I became a vegetarian.
I read and listened to every book and audio program I could find about manifestation, healing, law of attraction and spirituality…
I then started volunteering with children, which led to a full time job in a day care which led to me getting trained and certified in several healing modalities which led me to starting my own business as a facilitator of healing.
I have since helped thousands of people all over the world with their past traumas, childhood wounds and emotional blocks using a powerful modality I created called the Infinity Healing Technique. The clients that were coming to me were women who were also spiritual empaths, intuitives, healers who had their own practice and were open and receptive to healing work. They were getting miraculous results in a short period of time.

Although my clients were having big breakthroughs, I was still struggling financially. I eventually hit another low. I ended up on welfare which then led me to really facing my fears and clearing my money blocks. I worked very hard on clearing my blocks. I read all the books, audio programs, seminars…I did reiki, life coaching, energy healing, and everything else I thought will help. I tried everything out there and was not getting the results I really wanted. I remember telling the Universe:


I then discovered there are key areas that were blocking me from moving forward.
I realized I was holding on to trust and self worth stuff from child hood. So no matter who was trying to help me I would sabotage it and not receive it or even repel the love and support from coming in.
This was creating a big wall that was preventing me from receiving the help during my sessions. This is the first thing I needed to clear, is trusting, allowing, opening up, wanting to change.
I decided to remain committed to helping spiritual business women that seek me out to transition into their Purpose and Passion following the same process that has helped me experience the results that I was trying very hard to find.

Here is what my life is like now:  

Charities and Causes I Support


I then cleared my $30,000 debt which then led to me averaging $10,000 in 10 months, still expanding my vision and taking the next leaps forward.
I did this through healing and energy work, through having mentors, coaches and healers.
I had to own my worth and my value.
I had to let go of not feeling good enough. I had to remember that I am worth it, that I deserve it. That I believe in myself and that I can do this!

I have since made a commitment to dedicate the rest of my professional life to helping spiritual business women thrive on all levels (specially financially), doing what they love (fulfilling their ultimate life purpose to the fullest!) To walking my clients through a healing process to help them become at peace with all past experiences, to step back into their power, to step into their purpose and to thrive doing it.

Why are people seeking me out for help, what I am helping people with and what are the results?

I feel that we attract those that share similar experiences. The 3 turning points in my life include:
Forgiving my father for the abuse and trauma, this led to my awakening that shifted my whole reality
Discovering my life purpose: helping others heal and grow and evolve.
Deciding to play it big, serve more people, believe in my business vision, and to make lots of money doing what I love!
When I decided I was ready, In less then one year I cleared the remainder of my 30,000 debt. I went from being on welfare to making 10,000/month serving my clients through my healing modalities.


I was in a very bad place emotionally. I was abusing drugs and alcohol, I was getting into fights and arrests, I was seeking love in all the wrong ways, I was over eating, I was eating lots of salty and sweet snacks, I was smoking to the point my heart would feel like it was suffocating. During one of those heart spasms is where I was accepting this could be the moment my life ends, I decided if I stay alive, I will change. I felt it was time to forgive my dad for all the trauma and abuse I had experienced as a child and confronted him and asked why he hated me. When he replied that he loved me and that he is sorry, I had a huge breakthrough, I cried when I realized this whole time he loved me and was doing the best he knew. My whole reality changed, now I am someone who is worthy and deserving of love. I quit smoking, alcohol, drugs. I became a vegetarian, I let go of the need to be in a religion. I experienced the love of a higher power which proved to me that there is something out there. I moved out of the household and I left my tribe. Despite my parents recommendations, I dropped out of college, I moved into my own small place by the beach, I read a lot of books on spirituality and self help.

Welfare to 10,000 in 10 months!

6 years of helping people in my business was great but I was always struggling financially. I worked very hard on clearing my blocks. I read all the books, audio programs, seminars…I did reiki, life coaching, hypnosis, and everything else I thought will help. I tried everything out there and was not getting the results I really wanted. I reached a point where I was wondering If I can actually make this work. I remember telling the universe I am serious now! I am doing great work here, and I demand to get paid good money for this work! Bring me whatever it takes to get me there. I discovered there are key areas that where blocking me from moving forward. I realized I was holding on to self worth stuff from child hood, not feeling good enough. I realized there are key areas that need to be healed/released in order for us to get unstuck. I learned that there is smarter way to do things. I learned the importance of charging what we are worth and so much more.

Ever since then I decided to remain committed in helping spiritual business women that seek me out to transition into their Purpose and Passion. I now walk my clients through this process from start to finish till they reach the point were they are Thriving Doing What They Love: Making lots of money, fulfilling their life purpose.

The results are that you would miraculously manifest your perfect relationships or improve the relationships you are in.
You clear your money blocks and manifest the money you desire with more ease and grace and attract the perfect clients that you would love working with.
You will get clarity of what your Life Purpose is and what are the next steps to achieving it!

Discovering my Life Purpose

I had no confidence in myself. I felt i was the lowest of the low. I would apply to the jobs that did not require much experience.
I was getting fired from every job I would apply to. I didn’t even get accepted to work at McDonalds, maybe a blessing in disguise :). I worked as a dishwasher, a security guard, a cashier, a beer vendor…
I then felt guided to do something that makes a difference in the world. I got into this program that works with troubled youth and that helped me believe in myself. I got to volunteer ounce a week at a place of my choice. I got into a volunteer position working in class room with kg and grade 1 children. The kids loved me and I felt great volunteering. I then got a job at a summer camp YMCA. I then got a job in a day care for a one year contract! Second best job I have ever had!
I was having too much fun. It helped me believe I am good at something. I have something to give this world. I can get paid to do something I love. When my one year contract was over they let me go, around the same time my x wife also was let go, and she inspired me to get into this government funded program that helps people start their business. We got in. I went to propose my business idea. I had no idea what I wanted to do. i just wanted to help people. I pitched an idea of a book store with inspirational media. They rejected it. I went home feeling really low and checked my email. One of my emails had an add that read: you can become a certified hypnotherapist in 7 days! I joined a school, graduated, got into the business program and started my own company! There is no way I would have done this without the help of my x-wife.

Everything happens for a reason.

I never choose healing work, I felt like it choose me. But when I started I knew this is my destiny. I was really great at getting my clients the results they were looking for!

How are you different from other healers:

I walk my talk.

my life is living proof and my clients results reflect that
I came from a hellish childhood to finding the courage to forgive,
to discover my purpose, to earn lots of money doing what I love.
I am a super empath! In the first 3 minutes I can tell you exactly
where your 3 major root cause blocks are located in your energy field.

What makes Infinity Healing Different then other Modalities?

Why choose Infinity Healing?

  1. The problem with most modalities is you go to a healer and they ask you what would you like to work on. Your conscious mind is only aware of 5-10% of what is going on. It has no Idea about the 90% that is below the surface. So you work on the 10% and end up feeling like something is not getting addressed. You try a different healer/modality and end up feeling the same. Then you give up cause you have tried everything with everyone and conclude maybe there is no hope for you. What Infinity Healing does is it allows your higher self, that knows you better then you know yourself is deciding what to work. You also choose a specific theme for the session.
  2. Who is doing the healing. I remember going to healers and feeling not so good, because they were in their ego, like Im the one who is going to heal you. It did not feel good and I did not resonate with their energy and I did not get the results. Infinity Healing uses the best of the modalities I have learnt that are implemented into it but as much as we know, I know there is so much more I dont know. So I leave the rest to source to decide what is to be done. Let source do the healing. This was Everything that is possible, that can happen will happen. Source is the ultimate healer and connecting directly with your being and working on the areas that are ready to be worked on.
  3. I never liked the Idea of having to pay someone over and over again for small results each time. So with Infinity Healing, What ever you decide to work on, we set that healing on auto pilot, meaning source will keep working on it for as long as is needed until its completely done doing all that it knows to do. One client told me 6 months after the session she was still clearing parent patterns! This way we get to move on the other things.
  4. During each session we: connect to source, balance the left and right brain, divine masculine and feminine, mind body and soul, do a full system upgrade, cleansing, connection to source, align all the chakras, ground to the planet, clear limiting beliefs, programs, perceptions and perspectives, download love based beliefs from source, see things from the highest perspective, we do a mind and heart process to keep you in your heart space and not in the mind. we do a body/chakra scan to feel where the body is holding on to dense energies, we do a process to transmute them and replace them with a high loving frequency. Work on the core challenge and set it on auto pilot. We do a miraculous manifestation process. We do a process to expand your loving energy to the whole universe. We connect to the higher dimensions, We connect to the Christ consciousness grid.
  5. Infinity healing works on all space time and dimensions: It doesnt matter if the challenge stemmed from a past life, an ancestral thing, a collective consciousness thing. source will work on it in all space time and dimensions and share the healing with your childhood, ancestors, past lives…

During the session I can feel the energy during a clearing and can sense where else we need to focus on. I am also very intuitive, so I can share insights about what is going on with the blocks.
The healing world chose me to serve humanity and make a difference.
I never consciously decided to do this, I just listened to my inner guidance and I am so glad I decided to because I feel in my element, in alignment, fulfilling my life purpose. I am here for an important reason and that is to help humanity evolve and shift into the new consciousness.
I am determined to make sure that my clients are able to get the results they seek in the shortest fastest easiest way possible offering modalities that keep on evolving and getting upgraded!
I believe everyone who is a healer has the ability to create there own modality and I am a creator of a healing modality called Infinity Healing which is the best of what I have experienced plus what my guidance inspired me to integrate.
I hear this a lot before a client works with me, “I have tried so many modalities and trusted in so many practitioners and I have not gotten the results I am looking for.

One of my clients, Barbara Patterson – Body Breakthrough Coach,, describes it like this:

“Tarek is the real deal. Everything is energy. it makes sense that if your desire is to change your life in any way, it needs to occur energetically. Our issues and blocks are deeply embedded in layers like an onion. Tarek assists you to release as deeply as your subconscious allows with every healing. I have tried reiki, eft and other energy work, but Infinity Healing is like energy healing with turbo power. If you wish to change your life, you do not want to miss Tarek’s program.”