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Infinity Healing: One of the most powerful
healing modalities in the world!

The Infinite Chakra Healing Course!

Stepping Into Your Spiritual Mastery

Healing The Root Cause of Every Problem In Your Life on a Deep Energetic Level

One year in the making!


The Infinite Chakra Healing Program

Value $1200

First Chakra – Kundalini or Root Chakra or Base Chakra

This module will help you:

  • Clear all scarcity and struggle
  • Clear all money blocks
  • Clear not feeling supported and loved
  • Clear feeling alone
  • Clear not feeling like you belong here
  • Clear not feeling grounded
  • Activate your kundalini power
  • And so much more!

Second Chakra – Infinity healing for the Sacral Chakra:

This module will help you:

  • Clear all your relationship blockages
  • Clear all your toxic emotions
  • Clear all your fears
  • Clear all your hurt and emotional pain
  • Clear all clear all your sexual blocks
  • Clear your addictions
  • Start attracting empowering and loving relationships
  • Start feeling emotionally empowered and balanced
  • Master your creativity
  • And so much more!

Third Chakra – Infinity healing for the Solar plexus:

This module will help you:

  • Clear all your fears of stepping into your power
  • Clear what causes you to feel used and taken advantage of
  • Clear any experiences of abuse of power
  • Clear your trust issues
  • Start feeling confident
  • And so much more!

Fourth Chakra – Infinity healing for the Heart Chakra:

This module will help you:

  • Clear all your receptivity blocks
  • Clear all your not worthy issues
  • Clear all your not good enough issues
  • Clear over giving
  • Start feeling worthy deserving and more than enough
  • Start receiving what you desire with more ease
  • And so much more!

Fifth Chakra – Infinity healing for the Throat Chakra:

This module will help you:

  • Clear anything stopping you from getting yourself out there
  • Clear fears of being seen
  • Clear past life traumas like with hunts, vows of silence…
  • Start speaking your truth
  • Start expressing your authentic self
  • Reach and connect with your soul family
  • Help more people with your gifts talents and abilities
  • And so much more!

Sixth Chakra – Infinity healing for Third Eye Intuition:

This module will help you:

  • Clear all your blocks to listening to your intuition
  • Clear all your blocks to trusting your intuition
  • Clear all your blocks to following through on your guidance
  • Start seeing the truth of every situation
  • Start seeing the truth of your divinity
  • Master your intuitive connection
  • And so much more!

Seventh Chakra – Infinity healing for the Crown Chakra:

This module will help you:

  • Clear everything in the way of you feeling one with source-god-universe
  • Clear having a strong connection with the divine
  • Clear feeling alone and disconnected
  • Receive infinite divine clarity in all areas of your life
  • Re-member your divine self
  • And so much more!


Infinite Chakra Healing for Advanced Spiritual Mastery

Value $1750

Eighth Chakra – Infinity healing for the 8th chakra:

This module will help you:

  • Experience divine love
  • Experience spiritual compassion
  • Experience spiritual selflessness
  • Clear all karmic from all life times
  • Experience spiritual awareness
  • Master your spiritual gifts: out of body projection, spiritual perception, and spiritual wisdom
  • Improve your healing abilities
  • Master clairvoyance
  • Master in- depth dream recall opens up, so too does some spiritual abilities
  • And so much more!

Ninth Chakra – Infinity healing for the 9th chakra:

This module will help you:

  • Activate your Christ-like abilities
  • Clear your karmic blueprint
  • Activate your skills and abilities learned in all lifetimes
  • Unlock the key to your soul’s destiny
  • Activate your key blueprints: the Creator, the Healer, and the Teacher
  • Access the divine knowledge-base of your soul
  • Access all the information, skills and life-experiences that serve you in this life time
  • Access your spiritual wisdom
  • And so much more!

Tenth Chakra – Infinity healing for the 10th chakra:

This module will help you:

  • Manifest many of the skills you have learned in all of your previous lives
  • Knowledge and wisdom begins to flow through time and space
  • Experience divine creativity
  • Master synchronicity
  • Merge the masculine and feminine within
  • Integrate your skills in a harmonious manner
  • And so much more!

Eleventh Chakra – Infinity healing for the 11th Chakra:

This module will help you:

  • Manifest advanced spiritual skills
  • Activate the ability to travel beyond the limits of time and space
  • Experience teleportation
  • Experience bi-location
  • Activate your telekinesis abilities
  • Experience instantaneous precipitation of thoughts into matter.
  • And so much more!

Twelfth Chakra – Infinity healing for the 12th chakra:

This module will help you:

  • Master skills like out of body experiences outside of the solar system
  • Experience out of body time travel beyond 200 years
  • Experience instant healing of self and others
  • Master telekinesis
  • Master teleportation
  • Access control over the natural elements (air, water, fire, earth) to an advanced degree
  • Enter the doorway to the cosmos
  • Release your fear of leaving the earth
  • And so much more!


From doormat to feeling empowered after a few days of listening

“The Chakra Program is utterly amazing! It’s comforting to know that there is a spiritual tool kit to help me when in need.

The Infinity Healing energy for the Power Chakra was extremely potent. Half way through the recording, I felt this overwhelming feeling built up in my throat, stomach turning and tears forming in my eyes. I’ve struggled with my co-workers for the past 8 years. I feel like I’ve been run over a hundred times. Several times, I’ve felt like quitting my job, giving in and giving up. The healing has made me feel empowered to keep fighting to be a confident person. I feel like your audio is speaking right to me. I am the creator of my universe. I know where I am headed.

Thank you for your strong and tender words!”

~ MJ,

From feeling stuck to experiencing freedom
root chakra healing

“I felt guided to re listen to your Root Chakra Healing audio, and I have to tell you that there was incredible shift and healing as a result. Everything you mentioned on the call was particularly relevant to my current situation, and I feel such a lovely sense of freedom ! Thank you Tarek”

~ Kaz, Australia

Hi Tarek! I chose the Power Chakra. I was shocked at how many of my issues I had going on were in this chakra. I’m really buzzing.

~ Bonnie

Prior to commencing Tarek Bibi’s Chakra Program, I was aware that I had issues relating to the Sacral chakra. My first session (Root Chakra) went fine without any tangible changes. However; as soon as I commenced the Sacral Chakra session I immediately went into full-blown nausea. I continued to listen and I was determined to persist till the end of the recording. It started to ease about halfway through and totally subsided leaving me feeling freer internally and greatly relieved. This was the most dramatic shift in energy that I have ever felt in this area, and I have done a lot of chakra meditations.

I really believe this was a major breakthrough for me, as since then, I have been so much more proactive with my creative pursuits and my relationships have become more harmonious. Thank you Tarek!

~ JC, Australia

Hi Tarek

I awoke very early this morning and felt the need to get up and meditate, so I decided to replay your Heart Chakra Healing session.
WOW !!! What an incredible time of healing ! I forgave everyone throughout my life, who I felt had harmed me in any way at all and that’s
when my hands went to my abdomen and I began to massage my belly, but more specifically my pancreas, which is the gland that stopped producing
insulin when I was 17 and caused Diabetes. I received such healing and ‘old understanding’ in which I went back to my ancestors and forgave them too
(Diabetes has a generational history in my family).

Thank you so much I started to use the chackra program and there is so much stuff that came to the surface for me to heal, which was quite unexpected!! It is such an amazing journey.Smiling face with open mouth

~ Paula

I listened to Tarek’s 8th chakra clearing, the power coming from the audio was palpable, I felt amazing all day, taller, fitting my space and can’t wait to do more of the program – thanks Tarek

~ A.Brooks. UK

“WOW!! I simply downloaded some of the chakra audios and didn’t even listen to them yet. All of a sudden extreme heat swept over my entire body and I started sweating, it definitely got my attention!! Whatever intention you set with them was super powerful!! Going to listen very shortly. Thank you for sharing this opportunity. The energy was powerful!

Also felt lots of energy moving during the sacral/relationship audio and I literally yawned the entire time during the solar plexus one. Awesome information packed into the hour! You addressed many important items, very helpful.”

~ Melissa

“I listened to Tarek’s 8th chakra clearing, the power coming from the audio was palpable, I felt amazing all day, taller, fitting my space and can’t wait to do more of the program – thanks Tarek.”

~ A.Brooks. UK

From not feeling loved to being filled with gratitude in a few days of listening to the program

“Today I listened to the first two chakras and the results are amazing. All of the Iinfinity healing processes on the first chakra were as if you were connected to me and all of my issues. The issues around not feeling loved, nurtured and supported by my parents as a child have continued to be played out for me in my adult life. There was a tightness in my root chakra that I had not been able to release in the past. After listening to the first chakra track only once the tightness has been replaced by an expansiveness that can only be attributed to a radical healing. I also experienced the same effects for the sacral chakra. The Infinity Healing process cleared all of the ancestral and non beneficial cords from the sacral chakra, as well as the energies of all my past relationship. This clearing was liberating, I felt more like me, even happier more expanded and full of gratitude. Thank you Tarek for this chakra infinity healing series, you are truly an amazingly gifted healer. I’m looking forward to the experience of the Infinity Healing on the remaining chakras and will continue to report my experiences as I feel it might help others.

Your infinity healing programs, which I own a few, have truly been exceptionally powerful in clearing the way for me to pull myself up and shift into higher frequencies.

Thank youfor the Infinity Healing 12 chakra program.

Although I have used other 12 chakra program I did not experience much with them so I was skeptical.

Prior to listening to your Infinity chakras mp3’s most of my lower chakras felt restricted and the higher chakra I could not feel much at all.
I began by listening to the lower 7 chakra and I could feel so much energy moving. At the end of each chakra session EVERY single chakra had cleared so much energy that they completely opened and I could feel them expanding as the color light filled I was eager to begin listening to the higher chakras 8-12 and I was blown away! Wow. I could feel the 8th pressure and so much energy as the 8th Chakra was connecting to the 7th like electrical buzz. On the 9th and 10 chakras I released a lot of energies which brought up some very deep trauma, hurts, and other emotions but it was gone quickly and afterwards I felt much more powerful and I could feel it in my 3rd chakra. With the Chakras 11 and 12 clearings and activations we did what I have known to be NORMAL, teleporting, bi-location, telekinesis and so much more. I remember thinking as a kid the first time I saw a car thinking why travel in that when you can teleport, how archaic. The light body feels different than before. I’m looking forward to all the gifts and abilities we brought forth from all our past lives and the magic they will bring.

Your 12 chakra Infinity program cleared the energies that had been blocking the opening and expansion of the lower chakras and the clearing and re opening of my crown. When the crown chakra opened I began to cry uncontrollably as the trauma and energies began to release. If this had not happened I would not have been able to truly access the higher chakras 8-12.

After listening to the higher chakra sessions I feel even more connected, empowered, and so expanded I feel taller. Also, as we were integrating our gifts, talents and abilities from all of our lifetimes that are ours for us to create heaven on Earth,I experienced these visually like in a movie ( in color), as well as feeling their frequency as they integrated.”

In deep gratitude. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
~ Myra

Your Dream Reality Awaits you

I know that the healing world is over saturated with tons of healing options and that you may have invested in many programs and you may feel like you are still were you started or even worse off!

I know how you feel. I’ve been there. That is why I created the infinity healing technique and this program to help you release the blocks from their very core ounce and for all the one thing I hear more than anything else is how many of my clients have tried many of the healing programs out there and did not get the results they were hoping. But when they tried the Infinity Healing programs they experienced deep life changing shifts almost instantly and this comes from clients who are advanced spiritual beings!

“The Infinity Healing Technique”

How is it so different and unique to any other kind of healing modality out there?

    1. The problem with most modalities is you go to a healer and they ask you what would you like to work on. Your conscious mind is only aware of 5-10% of what is going on. It has no Idea about the 90% that is below the surface. So you work on the 10% and end up feeling like something is not getting addressed. You try a different healer/modality and end up feeling the same. Then you give up cause you have tried everything with everyone and conclude maybe there is no hope for you. What Infinity Healing does is it allows your higher self, that knows you better than you know yourself and decides on what to work on. You also choose a specific theme for the session.
    2. Who is doing the healing. I remember going to healers and feeling not so good, because they were in their ego, like I’m the one who is going to heal you. It did not feel good and I did not resonate with their energy and I did not get the results. Infinity Healing uses the best of the modalities I have learnt that are implemented into it but as much as we know, I know there is so much more I don’t know. So I leave the rest to source to decide what is to be done. Let source do the healing. This was Everything that is possible, that can happen will happen. Source is the ultimate healer and connecting directly with your being and working on the areas that are ready to be worked on.
    3. I never liked the Idea of having to pay someone over and over again for small results each time. So with Infinity Healing, What ever you decide to work on, we set that healing on auto pilot, meaning source will keep working on it for as long as is needed until it’s completely done doing all that it knows to do. One client told me 6 months after the session she was still clearing parent patterns! This way we get to move on the other things.
    4. During each session we: connect to source, balance the left and right brain, divine masculine and feminine, mind body and soul, do a full system upgrade, cleansing, connection to source, align all the chakras, ground to the planet, clear limiting beliefs, programs, perceptions and perspectives, download love based beliefs from source, see things from the highest perspective, We do a mind and heart process to keep you in your heart space and not in the mind. We do a body/chakra scan to feel where the body is holding on to dense energies, we do a process to transmute them and replace them with a high loving frequency. Work on the core challenge and set it on auto pilot. We do a miraculous manifestation process. We do a process to expand your loving energy to the whole universe. We connect to the higher dimensions, We connect to the Christ consciousness grid.
    5. Infinity healing works on all space time and dimensions: It doesn’t matter if the challenge stemmed from a past life, an ancestral thing, a collective consciousness thing, source will work on it in all space time and dimensions and share the healing with your childhood, ancestors, past lives..

About Tarek Bliss Bibi:

Tarek Bliss Bibi has changed the lives of over 100,000 people worldwide. He works with business women and individuals on the spiritual path to help them Thrive Doing What They Love!

Through his revolutionary Infinity Healing modality he is able to help his clients achieve and manifest their hearts desires with infinite ease and grace even if they have not been able to achieve their results elsewhere.

Tarek Bibi, aka. Mr. Miraculous, a facilitator of inner transformation helps you transcend your emotional and psychological blocks at their core level to Live your Life Miraculously!

Many of our blocks stem from childhood experiences and now they are manifesting in our relationships, businesses and health. He has been labeled an empath, indigo, a star seed, an earth angel, and a light worker.

He earns the name Mr. Miraculous because of the breakthroughs he has assisted his clients in achieving.