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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Does Tarek offer the free 15 min session as shown on YouTube?

A. This offer has expired and is no longer available. It will be removed from the video.

Q. Does Tarek offer any other free sessions?

A. Not at this time, but by subscribing to Tarek’s site, you receive free resources.

Q. How do I receive my Free MP3 Subconscious Clearing download once I subscribe?

A. This download should automatically dowload once you’ve subcribed. If you don’t see your
download, please click here and email us


Q. Does Tarek offer private one-­on-­one sessions?

A. Tarek offers one-on-one sessions within his Platinum, Diamond and Gold Healing packages only. Email us for details.

Q. Do private sessions with Tarek take place via phone or Skype?

A. They can take place either by Phone or Skype. *Please note that any appointment changes must be made at least 48 hours prior to appointment or your session is forfeited.

Q. Does Tarek provide LIVE one-­on-­one sessions?

A. Tarek no long provides live sessions unless its for the VIP package.


Q. How do I join?

A. Please click here to be directed to the membership section.

Q. How long is the term of the Monthly Thrive Now Healing Circle auto renewal?

A. Auto renewal occurs every 30 days.

Q. Are there penalties for canceling my Monthly Thrive Now Healing Circle auto renewal membership?

A. There are no penalties upon cancelation.

Q. When are monthly groups held?

A. You will be provided 2 powerful Infinity Healing sessions on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.
The and second Thursday at 6:30 PM EST.

Q. How do I join a group?

A. Please click here to join.


Q. Where can I go to get more information/details on healing methods?

A. Hover over the Programs tab above to see individual programs. Click on any program for details.

Q. If I pay for a package and am not redirected, where can I go to get started?

A. Email us here if you have any issues with receiving information after your purchase.

Q. How can I receive clarification on program details before I commit to buy?

A. Book a free discovery session. Please click here.

Q. If I don’t know what my block is, where do you recommend I start?

A. We recommend you begin with the Monthly Membership or the Abundance Program for beginners.


Q. Can I receive physical healing such (examples: blindness, mercury poisoning) through Tarek’s methods?

A. Yes. Because everything is energy, you can receive physical healing with the programs provided on this website.

Q. Will Tarek’s course offerings help make me a productive member of society?

A. Yes, The programs provided on this site help you shift your reality from the inside out.

Q. Can Tarek’s packages and private sessions help me professionally?

A. Absolutely.

I have taken Tarek’s Course(s) and have not seen positive energy shifts. What’s the next step?

A. As a principle, if you can trust the process, things will most definitely shift.

Q. What sets Tarek’s methods apart from other healing methods such as tarot card reading?

A.Click here to learn more.

Q. What course do you recommend to see what’s been slowing me down and to help me be more productive?

A.We recommend the Infinite Abundance program for this particular circumstance.

Q. If I don’t know what my block is, where do you recommend I start?

A.We recommend you begin with the Monthly Membership or the Abundance Program for beginners.


Q. Can I pay in installments?

A. We recomend payment in full at time of registration, but if you cannot we are happy to help if you email us here.

Q. Can I get a refund for my program or course?

A.  We have a no refunds policy for all programs or courses.

Many of our clients experience the BEST results after completing the entire program/course, and experience massive breakthroughs after overcoming the resistances that naturally come up as a result of shifting into a new reality!