Miraculous Manifestations | Monthly Healing Circle
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Welcome to The Monthly Infinity Healing Circle!

You will be provided 2 Distance Infinity Healing sessions one hour long
on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month.

Both sessions will be conducted around 4 pm EST

Each individual will receive exactly what they are in need of at the present moment directly from Source.
There is nothing for you to do, it will just happen energetically whether you are asleep or working.
There will be a common theme that emerges for the group every month

Plus you will receive a healing audio at the end of every month.

We will be providing you an email reminder a day before each session.
We will also email after the session is done to share what came through.

Align and heal all your chakras
Connect to your highest self and source
Manifest all your hearts desires
Clear all that your higher self is ready clear and so much more

Monthly Membership Circle

By signing up to this program, you will receive:
Two powerful Infinity Healing sessions on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays of each month.
Your first Thursday Infinity Healing session is a powerful distance healing around 8:30 pm EST.
Align and heal all your chakras
Connect to your highest self and source
Manifest all your hearts desires
Clear all that your higher self is ready to clear
And much more

Every person will receive from source exactly what they are needing at the present moment,
but there will also be a common theme that emerges for the group.

Be the change!
What you shift in you, you shift for the planet.
You are worth it and you deserve this!

Keep reading on to find out our awesome membership payment details!

Success Stories

Not even 24 hours since your call and a modality that I’ve wanted to learn for my business appeared
in my email and at a price I can work with, telesummit training to host a series of speakers.
Yesterday afternoon, I received a voicemail message from an employment placement office, which I haven’t
heard from in 8 months or so telling me they may have the ideal job for me. I returned the call and talked
with him and I have a interview on Monday morning with them before they set the interview with the specific
employer. Talk about fast!


Tarek is the real deal. Everything is energy. it makes sense that if your desire is to change your life
in any way, it needs to occur energetically. Our issues and blocks are deeply imbedded in layers
like an onion. Tarek assists you to release as deeply as your subconscious allows with every healing.
I have tried reiki, eft and other energy work, but Infinity Healing is like energy healing with turbo
power. If you wish to change your life, you do not want to miss Tarek’s program.

Barbara Patterson,
Body Breakthrough Coach

Limited offer – $77.00
Regular price – $150.00
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Please Note: there are no refunds issued for any programs, to ensure you stay fully committed to your success!