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Check out these inspiring success stories from people in our community

Her income DOUBLED!

She’s receiving more job opportunities, money in her account and more clients!

Sonny Manifested $58,000 in one month!

Dr. Tianna manifested $50,000 after ONE session!

She manifested $5,000 and a fully booked practice

she manifested $7,000 in 30 days

She manifested 6,000 euros out of the blue

$20,000 in Sales in 2 Months!

Infinity Healing to help you with Anything!

I Saw a Vision of Heaven after doing the module!

she manifested $4,000 in 2 weeks

She cleared $12,000 Debt !

Overcame her money blocks and get a clearer vision.

Infinity Healing Transformed My Life

This program saved me over $150,000

“NEXT DAY the bank calls, apologizing for “the delay” -and giving a precious answer to an important question (even with the ombudsman’s help, they had ignored me for a year).

Today their lawyer wrote that the convention would be ready in a couple of days… pre-approved by all of his clients. Am still waiting for it, but the way it is looking, this program will have saved me around $150,000 USD!!

Here’s the latest miracle:I also found this week two properties for the price of one

Thank you Tarek. I really WAS at the end of my rope.”

~ Claudia Calvo, Costa Rica.

$100,000 in school debt suddenly disappeared

“I was having self destructive tendencies, had major financial obstacles , and was living in fear…

Two days after I had my one on one session with Tarek, I received a call telling me that I had been accepted to special program for graduate school loan repayment. Essentially they told me about an incredible repayment program and enrolled me on the spot.

I had so much fear and denial about repaying my school loans and suddenly they were not an issue suddenly over $100,000 in school debt suddenly disappeared

While I have had a lot of help from many spiritual healers over the past few months (even my immediate financial situation has changed with random reimbursements in the mail), Tareks work speaks directly to my soul. His energy work is consistently potent and powerful. His compassion is inspirational. The last time l listened to one of Tareks healings, I saw the biggest dragon fly of my life flying around me 🙂

If you want your life to shift, then buy his program!”

~ Christine, Medical student, USA

Manifesting Removing Debt

Hi Tarek,  I really enjoyed your Manifest Money Miracles series- A year ago, I was living month to month, and I constantly worried about my debt, even though I had a plan that I was following.   When I started the series, I had a breakthrough at work where I had many many more clients come to me, and I was able to to pay off a lot of debt, and have a plan to handle the rest of it.   I’ve tried many programs for money, and each positively contributed in their own way to my situation, but when I applied Infinity Healing to my finances, powerful inner shifts and powerful  inner results started to happen fast!  I now enjoy addressing my finances, whereas before, I was stressed out wondering where the money was going to come from.  I have a daily feeling of being  taken care of. Thanks Tarek for this wonderful program!

As an update, I have maintained the level of income since my last email, whereas before my income was more erratic and uncertain.  I used to be concerned about where and when the money  was coming from, but now I don’t tend to worry about it. Currently, I am working on removing debt, and I know you’ve been doing infinity healings in the series to address that.  -Stacy


~ Anastasia, Chicago, IL

Cleared $53,000 in a few weeks

“I was able to refinance my house that I have never been able to do because of my credits score or income problem. I have got it at a very low interest rate from 6.75% to 4.375%.

This morning when I woke up I received a package full of checks so I paid off $53,000 worth of debts.

Paid off two cars store credits credit cards. Paid off all debts and was able to deposit some money into my saving account

I am so happy person now

I have only one mortgage payment now that is even less that what I used to pay for the mortgage before excluding all other payments

Thank you thank you”


Instant Job Manifestation

“I shared the program with my daughter. Right after she listened to one of your clearing call, people showed up to help her on her job seeking and she is working for her first job now. I felt that your clearings are very very powerful.

Thanks again for your wonderful work Tarek.”

Best regards,
~ Cheryl Liu

From struggle to effortless $10,000 manifestation!

“I have purchased many packages over the past year and a half to raise my vibration for more financial abundance and just more joy in my life. They all have helped me in some way but nothing has given me the profound and fast results that your energies have. Within three weeks I had amazing results that netted me nearly $10,000 the first month in effortless sales where I had been struggling for many months.! It has been so exciting to see what each day would bring. Thank you for bringing joy and peace back to my life. Love Your Work!”

Love You!
~ Kris Olson

One of my clients describes it like this:

“Tarek is the real deal. Everything is energy. it makes sense that if your desire is to change your life in any way, it needs to occur energetically. Our issues and blocks are deeply embedded in layers like an onion. Tarek assists you to release as deeply as your subconscious allows with every healing. I have tried reiki, eft and other energy work, but Infinity Healing is like energy healing with turbo power. If you wish to change your life, you do not want to miss Tarek’s program.”

~ Barbara Patterson Body Breakthrough Coach

From heavy and lack to light and ease mindset

“I have been using the program for not quite a week. My outlook on money has changed quite a bit in a short time. The last several years I have been stuck in a heavy lack mindset.

Now I am more willing to exchange money without the fear. Which seems to save me time and headaches.

I feel at ease, almost light. And others around me have seen the difference. Even had a few strangers thank me for my energy and told me it was just what they needed in the moment.”

~ Nicole D., Las Vegas, NV

From no money to attracting more clients

“I have been having financial issues for quite some time now and despite doing a number of clearings money still not appearing in my physical reality. However since listening to the 3rd MP3 and even if it’s been only 1 week and I fell in a deep sleep most of the time..i have been getting more clients contact me with possible business opportunities. I feel calmer and know money will be appearing into my physical reality shortly. I am so excited for this to happen now.

Thank you Tarek.”

~ NR

She manifested $1,000

“I feel a little bit anxious, more sensitive and stressful. After listening to the audios, I manifested an unexpected payment of $1000 usd, But still feel anxious, and stressful as i was before, a little better after listening, thanks”

~ Lilia Solorzano

Gained so much energy and wisdom

“I have listened to all of mp3, these calls are absolutely amazing!

I have gained so much of beautiful energy, wisdom, peace and calmness from these calls.

I can’t thank you and Tarek enough for this opportunity.”

Kindest regards,
~ Elena

Stepping into my power, using my voice.

“I am writing to inform you of the shifts that have occurred while listening to the MMM audios. First, although I have been listening to other healers; I typically don’t feel the energy. The energy in these mp3’s is gentle but powerful and I definitely feel it. Secondly, I have noticed that I am stepping into my power more and using my voice. Lastly, I have noticed more peace and I am less reactive when triggered. I will definitely continue to listen and look forward to more breakthroughs!!!!!”

~ Rhonda Walton

I now have a positive relationships with money

“The scope of each MP3 is just so wide that it is impossible not to receive some infinity healing on both conscious and unconscious beliefs related to money!!! The ‘penny dropped’ on many statements even for things unknown to me.

Indeed before working with you, I did not have a relationship with money! Listening to the Relationship with money MP3 made me connect with it for the first time!

The Scarcity MP3 brought great awareness about what my scarcity beliefs were and helped downsize them drastically. For eg.: “I am not good enough” went from 10 to 5, “I have no willpower” went from 9 to 3.

The most significant improvements have been about building a relationship with money and improving my self-worth thanks to you and The Infinity Healing.

Thank you!”

~ Christelle

Increased my business

“I have had this program for one week and have only listened to each audio twice. I have noticed an increase in business since starting. Praying that it will continue as the layers start to fall away. Thank you so much.”

~ Cheri

Receiving money from many different places

“My experience with listening to the Manifest Miracle Miracle was miraculous. Before I started listening to the program, I had been very stressed and dealing with a financial situation that was precarious. I started to listen to the mp3’s and I started to feel more calm and at peace about my life and my finances instead of being worried. I believe that I am more fully willing to now receive more abundance in my life in all forms. This is amazing because I am able to have this sense of peace and knowing that things will work out for me and I can take action. Next, I went to pay some bills and there was no payment due. The day before it said I owed something but the next day nothing was owed. I’ve had people take me out for dinner and do little things for me. I went shopping with my brother and used my loyalty card and I had $29 in coupons loaded on there that were used. My finances are getting better and I am receiving money from lots of different places and I am getting ideas how to make more money and taking action on it. It just keeps getting better and and I’m really thankful for this. ”

Thank you,
~ K Green

My Angry Teen is now Loving, Respectful & Mature.. A HUGE Transformation!

Tarek is one of the most powerful and beautiful healers on the Planet today, I feel truly blessed to have found him. He works in a profound and joyful way, with a deep connection to pure source energy and lighting speed results.

Within only 2 weeks of receiving a relationship clearing for my teenage son, he went from a disrespectful, angry, play station-addicted monster to a charming young man who hugs me, tidies his room and has a wonderful and mature attitude to his academic studies and life in general – thank you, thank you, thank you Tarek, I can’t begin to tell you how many healers have attempted to walk this path; your infinity healing has created a miracle in the life of my whole family!”

~Diane, London, UK